26 12 / 2011

About me

I am a software developer from The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. Currently living in The Silicon Valley. 

Why I built Kiwifruut ?

Like most internet users, I use youtube a lot. For all the fun, entertainment, learning, trailers, interviews, songs, music videos what not. I thoroughly enjoy the massive useful content youtube gives us. I am a very active non-power youtube user. I guess below are the reasons why I am not a power user. FYI Power user In this context I mean user who like/comment/subscribe.  These are the driving points for me to work on Kiwifruut.

1. UI

Though I was happy with the content youtube gave me, I was not happy with the way they were presented to me. No, I am not talking about UX which is great. Its just the UI. And I believe bad UI will have negative influences on UX and good/elegant UI elevates the UX. Youtube did a good job to address this with the recent redesign.

For eg.  I never really browsed and clicked to watch the various popular feeds in home page. I may have if not always, sometimes would have done if they were presented better.

2. Interaction : I almost always knew what I wanted to watch.

I never till date clicked on Like button or wrote/read any comment. I start with a video in my mind, search, watch and follow the related videos hurd. This is my flow of interaction in youtube. I guess it is same for majority of the youtube users.

3. Anonimity

Due to anonimity, even a well behaved user turns to hatred/cyberbullying/abusing even after powerful moderation engine/flagging in place. Comments do not lead to genuine/constructive opinion or arguments. 

4. Feedbacks for uploader’s content

For uploaders, best way to know how good their videos are to listen to the users either by the views/likes/comments. Not all the users respond through likes/comments. If I were a content provider I am pretty scared to read through the comments. I see uploaders creating a facebook/twitter page for better conversation. I really want to see a better conversation between uploader and the subscribers in the same place I consume their contents.

5. Discovery  and Sharing

I watch more videos than most of my friends. Say I watch 20 videos and like 10 of them but it only stays with me and I dont share all 10 of them and flood my friends google plus/facebook feed. I observed many a times the videos I had seen 1 or 2 years back were being liked by my friends when someone shared it recently. 

What I want Kiwifruut to do

1. Provide a simple, clean UI.

2. Give user a good, delightful experience and make liking, commenting an implicit behaviour.

3. Give user ability to let know/show/recommend all 10 videos he/she enjoyed without explicitly sharing and flooding their friends stream.

4. Dont make user create another account and start building the social graph. Use their existing social graph through the social network they are using. For now only facebook.

Its been a good learning experience for me working on Kiwifruut.

Lesson learnt

"Do not wait for the convenient time, Do at the right time"


"Make something people want/can use"  

"Do not brainstorm for an innovative idea. Fix the problem you have. There might be people facing the same problem"

With this I am completing my first blog ever :-). Try out Kiwifruut Trial release and send in your feedbacks @ KiwifruutFeedbacks.

- Just Another Developer with his first hack.